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Putting together a crew

This last week I have been trying to put together a crew for our film Towel Territory. I started by creating a Facebook post on the course page to get their attention and listing the jobs we need filled. A few of the 2nd years have gotten in contact and very eager to work on our film. They’ve been very helpful and specific on what they would like to do with in the production. I have chosen to use Facebook as our main source of communication as that is the easiest way to contact everyone. I have created a Facebook group were all information will be relayed. There will be weekly meetings with everyone to always keep the information flowing and so that I can keep up top of what everyone is doing.

During pre-productiong we will be using Google Drive to store all the animation and work that's being done. Everyone will have access and the system I have created will be easy to understand and use. During our first meeting I will be going through how everything works and how the pipeline will be going.

Concept art that I used in the post to get people to come and work for us

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