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First crew meeting

Our first meeting with the entire crew today at 1.30. We chose to change the location of the meeting as we needed to go through the Google drive and visuals of the film. We started the meeting by introducing ourselves and making sure we had all the contact details of everyone. We then got the characters and color palettes up on the big screen for all of the crew to see and understand what we were explaining. (One of the 2nd years were not happy about our designs and asked for us to change it, which Prawta handled gracefully by saying we were past the stage of design. We will keep an eye out on the person, to make sure they stick to the character design). The 2nd years were given the task over the next few weeks, to familiarize themselves with the style and movements of the character. All we want them to do is to play around with the characters, we have give them just a few directions on what we want. But ultimately we want to see what they can do and later on the information will help map out who is gonna work on the different elements of the pipeline. ( Key frames, inbetweens and colour/cleanup). I have asked them to fill in the contact list with what they would like to do in the project and their interest. Since we are working in both Tv-Paint and Photoshop, I need to know who is comfortable working in which programs. After the “presentation” the 2nd years wanted us to name the characters (the protagonist and stranger were not enough and could be confusing), we decided to name them David and Bowie, names that will not be in the film or mentioned anywhere else, this is only for the organisation and production team. We have agreed that until the 2nd years can be attached to the timetabled crew meetings, we will continue to have the meeting on Thursday at around 1.30 in studio 3, where they can show us and we can show them the progress of the film. ( We also have a plan being put into place, where we will have milestones for the crew to meet and we will do something together like buying pizza, cake etc.) Which will help on moral and motivate the crew to always meet the milestones and keep the production on track.

Our turn around and character sheets

I have also gotten in contact with the Kung Fu society on campus, about the possibility of joining them for a lesson filming it for LAV. They responded very positively and were happy for us to join them on Monday for one of their first lessons. They were also happy to get in some of the more skilled in to help us with specific movements, if we need it. I will bring my own camera to film this and book out a tripod to keep the camera still. This will help a lot choreographing the fight scene and the animators will have great references for the animations.

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