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Live action references

In the evening Prawta and I had booked a Kung Fu lesson. We went over to the sports center at 8. pm with a camera and tripod. The Kung Fu society were very helpful and did not mind us filming their first lesson of the year. We filmed for about 2 hours, to get a good variation of angles and moves. The first 1 hour, were just warm up with and sparring, which wasn't really what we were looking for. Until the last 1 hour or so, where they started doing the “standard” Kung Fu moves, that we see in films. Which was exactly what we needed for reference.

This reference footage we got will be extremely helpful for the dancers, who is going to choreograph a dance/fight scene based off those moves.

I spent the next day editing the footage we shot yesterday. The reference video was edited in a way that the moves we shot is seen from different angles, as it will help the animators to see how the same move is done from front, back etc. The video is now been uploaded to the Google Drive and accessible to all the crew. On Thursday's meeting we will make them aware of the reference, which will help them practice their animation and movements. It will also help Prawta who is currently working on the animatic, work out all the kinks and problems she's encountered with that particular scene. The dancers have been added to the drive, so that they can use it for the dance they’re making for us. We will meet them next week on Tuesday to film what they have choreographed. We have set off 2 hours which we will use to film and give them some more pointers to what we are looking for in the fight scene

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