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Crew meeting

Today we had our second meeting with the crew. It went very well and most of them had done test animation, which we went through and gave them feedback on. There were loads of different movements and scenarios in the animations, which will count towards our 30 second of test animations. I am very pleased to see that they have used the naming conventions and correct folders as I specified in the animation checklist/guide. We talked about the small changes in the design that will be happening over the next few weeks. The faces will be changing a little bit, but it won't affect the animations for now as most of the 2nd years are not currently animating faces. The common mistakes that were made in all of the test were proportions. Discussing with the crew what would be the best way for them to understand the proportions and get them right. We decided that a character turnaround would be the best way forward. Prawta will put together one tomorrow. And lastly we showed them the animatic and the response was very good. There were nothing that was unclear to them, only thing is that it might be helpful to colour the towels

Here Prawta is helping one of our crew members Szymon

We had a design meeting in the afternoon where we go some feedback on the animatic after we changed it a little bit. The feedback was: to show some more context in the beginning, show the isolation he is looking for. Look into Elisabeth Frink and barbara hepburn gardens for inspiration on the redesign of the face. Get in contact with Tate about possible collab on the pain and animation.

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