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The first milestone of the term. The animatic showing in the cinema. We showed our animatic and the test animations we had the 2nd years do for us. The feedback was; That the fight scene needs work, which we will have sorted out as soon as the dancers have choreographed it (next week). It will also help once we have motion captured it. They thought the characters needs to be more distinct from each other. We told them about the new faces that’s currently being re-designed. Which they responded well to. The rules of the world needs to be established early and clearer. The holes need to have a clear message and meaning, is it emotional or physical that gives you them? Have the people in the beginning clearly have holes. Perhaps change that David punches a hole through Bowie, it would make more sense and impact to not to have him do this. Have the hole only appear in David as an emotional punch that hurt him more than Bowie. The were some concern about our music being similar to “Triangle”, we had a listen and disagreed. There are maybe some similarity, but more as an inspiration than a copy. The ending scene might not be needed, they felt the paddle boarder wasn't needed, but i think we will stick with it. They did respond very good to the scene where David chucks the crab away, as it shows his personality and sets it up for the later scenes.

A screenshot from the animatic from scene 3

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