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The last few weeks I have been working on getting all the scheduling done and making the gantt charts to make sure we stay on track. I researched how to schedule an animation with a 1 ear time frame and looked at how other producer has dealt with this previously. The 3rd years last year was extremely nice and helpful when they let me look at how they managed their project. They were nice enough to give me some do and don'ts. another source of information that was helpful was a presentation from a friend on a similar course in Australia. The presentation was filled on how to manage a project and templates that helped me get the final format and design of my own schedules. It also helped me with tips on how I should manage my own crew.

this is the way I have chosen to divide how the year should be spent and how much time should be spent on each part.

To make sure our whole crew is using the same naming conventions and sizes, I created this for them to use if they are uncertain how to set up their

This is part of the checklist I have created for the crew to make sure they have all the information they need to do work for us. Another helpful thing is where to find everything you need to do your shot or test-animation.

As my crew is very big I have made a very simple budget of how many days a week they will be able to work on the film and recive shots to be animated or coloured.

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