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Shotlists and trackers

Today the day have gone to finishing the shot-list and tracker, to easily show the animators which shot the have been assigned to do. I have done a very rough estimate of how long it will take us to finish animating all the shots. I prioritized each shot and by then said, 7 days for a hard shot, 5 days for a medium and 3 days for a easy shot. (days pr. key frames, inbetweens and colour/cleanup) in total that would be 783 days to complete, but divided by 11 animator (which is what we have so far) that put us to a total of 71 days to completion. (provided that everyone works 24/7)(and not taken into account how many frames the shots were) I would suggest that it will take us about 4- 5 months to complete it. Once we have a slice done I will be able to use this data to do a more accurate estimate. From this data again I will create a real time graph to tell us how far behind we are according to the estimated schedule. I have already created the graph and tested it out with some random data and it works, so all I need is to insert the data and it will be up and running.

There has been some problems with the shotlist. The thumbnails from the animatic have been floating around a messing up the list. It has taken me a while, but with a bit of help the problem has been sorted. I have to reinsert all the images in a different way to have them locked into a specific cell.

This is part of the shot-list the crew will be working with. All the information about the shot they have been assigned is there.

Every time a crew member has been assigned a shot they have a look a the track. In which I have made my self after a lot of research into how to give information about a job out in an efficient and good way. From the information I gathered I created this tracker. All you have to do is find your name, then you see the scene and shot you have been assigned along with the amount of frames that needs animating. there is a deadline for when the shot has to be done by and as soon as it is done they use the drop down menu to say their shot is finished and that they are waiting for approval. Once I see that a shot has been done I send my director Prawta to look at the shot and approve it or give feedback to change it.

We had our weekly production meeting today, which went very well. We got some pointers as to look into the music and improve that. It would be helpful for the composer and animators if we had an emotional chart to describe the defining emotions in each scene. Which I made straight away.

Kathy mentioned that the background need to be more Cornish looking, since as of this moment it’s looking to much like a desert. She also mentioned that we should look into establishing the location a bit further in the beginning, to get a greater sense of the beach. Prawta is currently working on the background and having the animatic on pause for now, but Kathy agreed with us that our animatic is very close to being finished. And we should focus on other things for now.

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