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Test shoots

This week we spent a full day filming test shots for Re-animated. Testing out if blue or green screen is the best choice for filming the body parts. We needed to know if the green glow will be done in post or on set. If we are setting up the green light in the studio we will be needing to use a blue screen. As the green light spill into the green screen and would make it difficult to extract it late down the pipeline. We also looked at the lighting and how to light the scene the best way possible, we used a few different key lights, with different colour sheets to test out if colour with help sell the shot.

As you can see if this photo I was in charge of the camera and to make sure it is set up the right way, with the settings required for the shoot.

Testing the lighting on different people with the green screen.

As well as trying out the different lights and screens we did a makeup test. We will be needing extra fingers and limbs for the shoot. We will be filming different body parts in front of a green screen and later extract it and add it to a 3D rendered jar.

Holly Roseveare was very talented and helpful in helping us achieve the look we wanted.

As seen in the photo and extra finger was attached and blood and some gore was added. The extra finger looked great in the lighting and on camera.

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