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Filming the animatic and test shots

Today we spent the whole day in the TV-studio filming the animatic and shots for testing. We used the BlackMagic camera and loads of light and tried different angle for each scene and shot.

Here we are filming the last scene of the film. As it is only for an animatic and to figure out all the angles, lights and all the problems we might encounter, the set is not been built yet.

Here our director is adjusting the camera whilst explain the scene to our actor Fletcher.

During our shoot we had not been inducted to any dolly equipment even though the multiple email to the administration requesting it. We had to get creative to solve the problem of our moving shot with tracker markers. As I am in a wheelchair we thought that we can stack a few thing on the wheelchair to get the height we wanted and it would be easy to move it around.

By being careful we put the camera on the wheelchair and did a few test shots. Due to the wheelchair not being high enough, it did not work and we were back to start again.

The university were very kind and gave us some dolly equipment while supervising us, so that we could get our shot done.

Here we have our director Ben directing the actor on how he want the scene to play out.

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