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Overview of the crew

Today I spent the day creating a better overview over what and who’s doing what. The first one I created turned out to be more messy than I realised. In the new one I created it’s easy to see which scenes have been finished and who did it. We are going to be printing this one out as soon as the animatic has been locked down. We will print it in A3 and pin it to the wall, where we manually colour in and write what shots has been done.

By using this overview it made it very messy and unclear on who was doing what and what had been done. I did more research and found a new format that could potentially work better.

As seen in the photo I have on the left side all the finished stages of a shot in green with the name of the animator (keyframes, inbetweens, colour etc.). On the right side you can see the in progress shots and who is currently doing them. This way it is easier for later reference and credit as to who animated what, and if they want the rendered shots for the later showreel.

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