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To improve the efficiency and to make sure all the shots have been set up with the right size and frame rate. I have been creating TV-Paint template for every single shot and put it on our Z-drive (could drive on the University, which all the crew members have access to) .

Within the template I add the animatic for the animator to have a sense of the timing we are looking for. It will also help them with understanding the environment that the character will be moving around in. Once a shot has been keyed and inbetweened I export the file from TV-Paint and add it to Photoshop. Photoshop is the software we will be using to re-create the pencil brush look. In the Photoshop template I create for the colorists include the brushes that are carefully named as they need to know how to use them. I also make sure the frame rate is always set to 25 frames. The colour palettes and guidelines are imported so that they don't have to anything to set up, they can start working straight away.

This is the colour template that are used.

Earlier in the year Prawta and I scheduled a coloruing tutorial and all the crew member who were interested in colouring frames for our project had to attend. As the colouring process is easy but complicated at the same time. It has to be done with precition and must follow the style.

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