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New job title on Re-animated

Most of the day went to researching Arnold for Maya as I’ve been tasked to do lighting for the 3D scenes.The tutorial on Pluralsight was very helpful and I found some more interesting settings that might be useful for our VFX project. I will talk to one of our lecturers about this and hopefully it will improve the quality and flow of the film. As I have now been tasked with a new role in the filming of Re-animated; DIT (digital imaging technician). The director decided this as I am always the one setting up the cameras and making sure they have been set up and formatted the right way. We have been using the BlackMagic camera for filming ever since 2nd year, but it has not got all the specs we will be needing for this project. We need to shot a a very high framerate to mimic the movement in water/liquid. This is the technique we decided on as filming in water is more difficult than to recreate the same movement with turning up the frame rate. So for the next few weeks I have to look into the different cameras we will be using as we are moving away from the BlackMagic camera. The VFX lecturer has been very kind and given me a sheet of paper with all the troubleshoots for the new camera we will be using.

Here are some behind the scenes of test shoots.

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