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Milestone week

As Prawta and I are very busy making sure everything is ready for the milestone, we have not had time to finish off the templates. In the last crew meeting, the crew asked us to add light directional arrows onto the template, as they need to know easily where the light is in each scene. I made a Facebook post explaining that the colouring templates with the light arrows will be done on Wednesday so that the crew can work on their other assignments in the meantime. We have been really clear during our meetings that if anyone does not have time to do a shot for us, and needs a few days off. They can just let us know and we will adjust their workload according to what they have time to do. I had one second year tell me that he wanted to not be given a shot this week as he wants to focus on his other work for now. Which is fine, we’re a little bit ahead of schedule so it will not be a problem that 2nd years focus more on their own hand in for now.

At the milestone screening on Wednesday we showed our new animation with 30 seconds of animation keyframed. Some of the feedback we got and are going to look into to change was;

- The start felt a bit rushed, we need to create a better feeling of the setting of the beach. One way to do this is to holding the wide shots. (As most of the sc_01 is already animated it will not be a problem to add a few frames to drag it out, It will also not have an impact on the schedule. As we are slightly ahead of it)

- It needs some more contrast, like lingering on the landscape and getting a greater sense of the crowd (In which we will be adding to the pan/zoom shot in the beginning, showing more of the crowd and their happiness)

To make sure my crew is motivated and passionate about the project, I decided to bring snacks to the meeting this week. We chose to bring some snacks and sweets in for our meeting as it’s almost Christmas. We have told them that every time we hit 1. min of animation fully done we will be bringing in a surprise such as cake or other snacks.

Here Prawta and I are showing our crew members the work that has been done.

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