Learning cruve

Originally we gave the position of lead animator to a 3rd year, but unfortunately she is working on 3 projects and will not have the time for it and she did not fully understand what we want from our animators. As Prawta will not have the time to check all the animation by her self, we have given the position of lead animator to a 2nd year, he has been amazing with helping us working out scenes and shots. When Prawta has been looking at a shot or working on a scene for too long it has been great having him come and look at it and help out. We have had a few scene where the animation has not been as we wanted and Majua has understood exactly what Prawta want from the scene. He has cleaned up a few animations and helped key/block out the whole of the fight scene. He will be helping us all year going over the rest of the crew's work and help out with approving them.

This is a photo from our last meeting before Christmas

After a few weeks of being in production and seeing what the different people in our crew excel at it easier to hand out shots. Some people are good at subtle moments, some are great with the towels moments etc. Now that I know these thing, I have already have an shot already lined up for each person once they've finished their shot. With how everything is going, I believe we will have all our animation done by mid-February at the latest. The colouring process will be the part that will take the longest. As of today we have 14 shots keyed and inbewteened.

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