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Deadline week

The last week the focus have been on finishing the dissertation in time for the deadline. The crew have their shots and tasks to do, which have been going smoothly. There have been a few crew members who have said that they could not meet the deadlines I have set them, as they have to focus on their own hand-in. I have no problem with this as both Prawta and I have been doing the same. We have of course helped out if there has been in problems or question regarding their work. I have helped a few 2nd years, render out their shots to a high quality for their own showreel hand-in. I had two 2nd years ask for shots, so that they would have more for the hand in and to have something to do over Christmas. The shots have have been finished, Prawta has gone through them and either approved it or given the animator/colourist feedback. From Thursday 14. Dec we have given the crew Christmas off, so that they have been given a shot, but the deadline for it is not until 12. Jan. The only thing we have said is to keep drawing the characters, so that they do not forget how to draw the style or proportions over Christmas. I have told the whole crew to be back by the 8th of January as the first meeting of the year will be on the 11th.

Here Prawta and I go trhough and use the tracker to approve the shots before Christmas, and checking in on how the crew are doing with the shot given, and if there are and problems or issuese they would like us to look into.

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