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Merry Christmas

Christmas holidays start tomorrow and as both Prawta and I are international students, we will not be in England over Christmas and there will be no work done on the film. I have put it into the schedule that we will be losing about 2-3 weeks of work as we both need a break. As we loose those weeks, we are not having any holiday over Easter and will be catching up on the work then. Easter will be the weeks of cleaning up all the shots. editing and composite them together. I have had my own project as a Christmas present that I have been working on. As a specific illustration was sold out that I was going to buy for my mother in law. I decided to draw/ sketch it out myself. I was very happy with the result.

This is the illustration I drew using Photoshop. Which I printed onto a canvas as a gift.

Merry Christmas everyone! Prawta drew our chatacter as a chirstmas shout out on social media.

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