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Production moving forwards

We got boards and a wall to put all of our production papers on. Printing out everything to fill up our corner. Story beats, concept art and pipeline have been pinned up to give an overview of the story. And it will help with either cutting stuff or put new things into the story. It really helped us out with seeing the story in a different perspective. We did cut and rearrange the story line. More will be added to the wall and board as we get further into the production. The shot-list and schedules will be added.

The camera script has been done and I can start putting together and filling in the shotlist. I’ve started creating the pipeline for the film.

Meeting with the entire crew has been set for Thursday where we are going to hand out some test animation to everyone. They need to learn the style and be comfortable with drawing it, before we can give out animation shots.

To help our animators we will be needing a lot of live action references to help them understand the exacty movement and emotion we are looking for in that shot.

I have also sent out emails, trying to get in contact with a couple of different societies. The Kung Fu and fencing society for possible help with reference videos, for the fight scene. It would be extremely helpful for the animators to know how someone doing martial arts actually moves, and possible be choreographed to what the director pictures the fight scene to look like.

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