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Live action references

Some of the crew members have struggled with their shot, because of this we have created some new reference videos. Prawta and I got some of our friends to try and do the movement differently to get a variation of the movement to then choose which ones to give to the crew to follow. The videos have been very helpful for the shots to be animated quicker and another shot has been finished.

These are some of the photos from us doing the live action references in the studio to shot the animators the emotion and movement we want. It also help to properly see the angle of the character we need.

The crew has been working really hard and the movie is moving along. We have had some problems with one of the crew members. He has asked for loads of shots to do, which we gave him, but the shots are not done to a standard we need. We have tried talking to him showing him how we need it to be animated, and told him to go through the guide on the drive. He still did not try and change his way of animating. I tried giving him an easier shot, but that did not help. The shots are just quickly sketched and you can tell that there is no work or passion put into the shot. Prawta and I have talked to him and said that we don’t have any work for him at the moment and suggested that he should focused on something else instead as it is clear that our film is not the first priority.

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