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Music consultation

We had our first proper music consultation in the AMATA studios at uni yesterday, our music composer Barnaby Fryer had made a scratch track for us to listen to. A couple of weeks ago we gave him the lock down animatic for him to work from, and he had done a decent job for the first try. Prawta and Barnaby discussed for 2 hours on what we wanted the music to sound like, we listened to the track a few times and picked out the bits we liked and the bits that did not fit, and needed to be changed. I told him that the absolute last deadline where we need the music done is late march. I want the music done early so that we can have a few weeks extra if it turns out we need something changed. He is very enthusiastic about the project, which is what we want and he told us he could have another rough track by the end of the week. He also loved our animatic, and had a few ideas on how we could improve it with other sounds. Sam Carson our foley artist will be introduced to him, so that they can collaborate on the sound mixing and to make sure it all match up and is done at a high quality.

one day later he had made us another track which is a getting better and closer to what we want. We did the same with telling him which parts work and which parts of the track needs to be changed. From showing the animatic to some other people in the studio, they suggested to keep some of the original track, the drumbeat works very well. We have asked him to incorporate that into the next track which he will have ready next Monday.

Here are some photos from the consultation, Barnaby booked out a studio for us to properly hear the music.

Here Prawta is explaining exactly what she is looking for in the soundtrack. Explaining the meaning and metaphors of the movie.

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