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Today we had one of our cinematographer lecturers have a look at our animatic. We have been a bit concerned about how the fight scenes plays out and we wanted a fresh pair of eyes to look at it. He met us this morning and had a look at our animatic a few times and gave us some great feedback. He suggested that we need to prolong the fight scene, it needs to be the centerpiece of the film. It needs more action and to really push the boundaries. The sound during a fight is very important and he gave us some pointers that I will talk to Sam about when he will be doing another foley session.

During our crew meeting we discussed the fact that there might be some changes down the line. If there are any changes happening, some of their shots might be cut. Please don't be upset or discouraged by it, the reason for it being cut is not your fault, it’s the story changing. The crew were very protective of the project and are looking forward to seeing it finished, and they do hope nothing changes as they love the story as it is. We are doing very well and we don’t have that many shots left that needs to be animated, most of the work forward will be colouring and cleaning up.

Here is Prawta working hard on the fight scene.

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