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Issues with deadlines

This morning I spent on arranging the animatic, adding the new scenes which have been just been finished. Most of the animation has been done, we just need working harder on getting scene 4 to be further along.

As a rule for our production I have said if I don’t get any messages or see a person for 1 week, their shot will be given to someone else and the person will be at the bottom of the list for receiving a new shot. I had an issue with one of my crew members. I message him about a month ago telling him that a shot was ready for him and all the information was on the tracker. As I use Facebook for relying information, I can see if people have seen their messages. He had seen this message, but did not reply and he did not show up to any of the meetings. ( there have been 6 since January and 4 since I contacted him). After not hearing anything for a week I gave his shot to someone else, as I don’t have time to wait, the film must always keep moving forwards.

here is a still from the arranging of the animatic this morning.

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