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Re-animated snow days

Today we were supposed to film Re-animated. We started filming a few bits, but due to the university shutting down at 12, we were asked to leave. We were not able to get any footage with the quality we needed. We have been promised that we will have 1st priority once uni opens back up.

University opened back up on the following Monday, and we are now having massive issues. All the equipment and studios are booked out until Easter. Which is too late for us to be filming. We have tried contacting the head of SOFT and at this point they cannot help us. At this moment nothing has been filmed except the proof of concept, which does not help us at all. Naomi and Ben will be trying to find a workaround for this problem. In the meantime I can focus on Towels and wait for anything that I can composite together.

Ben & Naomi

In the mean time we are waiting to get more information

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