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A heated discussion

Prawta has over the last few days been editing the animatic to the way she wants all the scenes to be done, with effects. After about 2 days of her editing, the film has now come up to being 4.20 min including credits. I panicked and had a go at her for adding that much to the film that originally should only be 2.50 min and a maximum of 3 min. I told her that this was not doable in the time-frame that we have, and that we needed to cut it back down to 3 min. We had a long discussion where I was worried about changing something so big 6 weeks before the deadline of the film. She assured me that the timings where not a big deal and proceeded to show me the animatic.

After seeing the animatic with all the new timings, I had to agree that it was an improvement. The timings gave the animation more time to develop and we get a better sense of the characters personalities.

Here is the in progress file for TOWELS, all the the files in blue are the new timings. There are a few of the, about 40% of the films scenes has been extended.

I rescheduled a few things and as the shots that have been re-timed has already been done, we only need to go into the shot file and extend the frames. There is no need to any extra animation, which means that the film is fine to be 4.20 min. The only thing that will be changing is my own workload in rendering and editing the final film, with the sound, music and all the animation.

Even though it means that we will have to redo all the music and foley. I put my foot down and said that this is the absolute last time that we can change anything. No matter what happens, the animatic and animation stays the same. To be able to get a finished film, we cannot be changing anything else.

Showing the new animatic to our lecturer, she had the same reaction as me and look extremely worried about us not being able to finish the film. After seeing the animatic she agrees that the film needs to be this length. In all of our critiques the lectueres have always wanted us to establish some shots and the chracters better, which has been resvolved by extending a few scenes in the beginning.

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