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Milestone- Rough Cut

Today was the milestone for the rough cut of the film. Some of the feedback that we got was; we need to remove the scene 07_004 where they fight and one of them gives up. Which Derek really hates as it makes no sense, and should not be in the fight as the prognosis won, would not make sense if he charge back at him. Prawta mentioned the hole and that we might keep the hole there throughout the whole film, which Kathy liked and encouraged us to do. The other lectures strongly disagreed and wanted the hole to stay the way it is. Since the beginning the hole has always been the discussion with new opinions every time we have a milestone. Ultimately it’s out decision as to which opinions that we listen to. We have decided to leave the animation as it is for now, later we can always go back and edit the animation. They also mentioned that we have to be careful about characters being outside the safe zone.

When we do not have any more work for the crew members I have asked them to move to a different project and help them out with their animation. really does not want to be put on a different film. Prawta and I were talking to him and it turns out that he has a background in graphic design. We are in the need of a poster, which I have tasked him in making. Prawta and he had a meeting where they discussed what we want on the poster and how to composite it. Here is an early concept for the poster style we are looking for.

Concept art by Prawta Annez

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