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As it is Easter holidays now, half of our crew has gone home. Prawta and I will be staying and working to finish off everything. During our meeting last week, I asked all the crew members who was staying here over Easter or could work from home. Most of them will be working from home, which is fine, I have uploaded the shots that they have been assigned to the Google Drive. There are still a few staying here over Easter, who will be assigned to finish shots that others will not be able to finish. I got a message from one of the 3rd years interested in colouring a shot for us, I have assigned him a shot that someone else could not finish over Easter. It is his first time colouring in this style, so hopefully it'll go well.

I spent the morning going through all the shots making sure that there are no issues, and that they have been added to the animatic. I also had a look at the shots that are currently in progress to see how far away they are to finishing. The crew has been given the deadline to finish colouring shots by Friday. By the look of it they will not be able to do this. I had to message them to make sure that they are aware that they only have 4 days to complete it. Some of them have been working from their own drives, so that they have not updated the Z-drive. One of the crew members have been very ill and I have given her an extension. The rest have assured me that they will have the work done.

Here are the tracker of all the crew members who are staying over Easter. They have been given new deadlines are I can keep an eye of how they progress through the shots. If there is any notes or comments that is needed for the shot they have been assigned, I add that in the left column. This helps the crew know exactly what to do, in a quick and easy way.

I have been worried about sound, as the new timings are quite extensive. The animatic has been exported and sent to Barnaby to look at the music extension he has to do. Prawta will be in close contact with him throughout Easter. The music deadline is the 9th of April. I have been in contact with Sam (our foley artist) he will have all the sounds done by the 11th of April, as that is our next milestone. We have to have a final cut of the film done by this date. The goal is to have all the shots coloured for this viewing.

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