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Filming - Day 3

We started the day with major equipment issues. Due to the stores been full, the queue so long and the lady slow, our booking ran out of time and we lost all the light we had booked. We would not be getting the light back as someone else had booked it, before we could re book it. After spending about 3 hours getting equipment and setting up we were finally ready to start filming, with only 3.5 hours left of studio time. With some setbacks of the set not being what we originally wanted/need it to be, with rolled with it. The film needed to be filmed no matter what, we just needed footage. During the 3.5 hours Ben, Naomi and myself managed to film all the scenes, and we got all the footage we needed. It was not perfect, but we made the best out of the situation we were given. Out main goal is still to finished the film, it might not be to the standard we originally wanted, but a finished film will be done.

Here we are building the set for the scenes we are shooting on the day.

Here is the set fully put up and we are filming the first scene. After the issues with the old glide cam we finally got the proper one, so that we could film the panning scene.

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