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As scene_01 has been cleaned up, I can now start doing the parallaxes and add waves and skies to them. I started doing 01_001 and 01_002 today, I have been colour correcting them to make them look warmer and more like a sunset. Prawta had a look at them and loves how they have been comped and corrected, but they have to be put in the animatic to be able to properly judge the image and how it works with the rest of the film.

Here is the node tree that I created in Nuke. I like keeping it clean and to organise the nodes with backdrops. The backdrops help me know what the different nodes are quick and easy with a colour.

I have been setting up nuke templates, with proxy shots in them. Which means that the composition is already done, I just need the cleaned up shot, and replace that with the proxy. Then the shot will be ready to be rendered much faster, all that will be needed are some few tweaks. This will speed up the editing part of the pipeline.

Prawta was not happy with the speed of the clouds and wanted some more color correction on scene 1. I have re-done all the shots with a higher speed and added them to the animatic. the whole of scene _01 has been finished, the scenes is in the animatic now.

Here is a screenshot of the rendering process of sc_01_001, this is the first scene that is being rendered out as a finished product.

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