Towels is a 2D experimental short student animation that explores the concept of territory. The film is a team effort, with a mixture of 3rd years and 2nd years working together. The project got greenlight after pitching it to the lectures at the university, alongside 12 other projects. We started working on it  September 2017, with a deadline set for the 4th of May 2018. 


I took on the role of a producer for this graduate film. I had some experience with producing, but never to this big scale. I worked very closely with my director Prawta Annez to make sure the project was on track and to keep everything on schedule. During the first weeks of the project, the crew kept growing and by the end of it, there were 25 people actively working on the film. I learned a lot about team management and how to work with a pipeline. We started animating earlier than expected, which put us ahead of schedule and gave us more freedom to experiment and have fun with the fight sequence. We did encounter some problems as explained in the timeline. 

We had some issues with crew members not doing work, technical issue and losing a few days due to snow. As we progressed through animation, I quickly learned what the crew members were good at, some of them were better at subtle movements and other with bigger ones. This sped up the production of shots, as the team were more secure and happy with what they were doing. The colourists especially, improved so much over time, getting used to the complicated painted style of colouring for the film. 


To manage the big crew and keep track of the project, I used Google spreadsheets. I started by creating a Gantt chart to schedule the whole pipeline of the project. I like to start with the deadline date and work myself backwards, to make sure all the milestones are being hit throughout the year. I then created a system for the crew to quickly get an overview of what shots they have been assigned to. Then they can look at the shotlist for more in-depth information, such as reference videos. Please click the photo to see it in fullscreen


This project timeline shows how I manage a project week by week until the final deadline week. Just hover over the images to get the title and click the image to get the full description of how I managed the team that week. Further down the website, you can click through all the worksheets of the production.

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